Egg + Tartan is a craft boutique founded by Brooke & Beth, two members of the architecture and design world in Chicago. Despite working in the same industry for over 7 years and having several mutual friends and acquaintances, their paths never crossed until 2008, when they were finally introduced by a friend that knew of their love for knitting. They have been knitting and crafting together ever since.

Brooke & Beth share a passion for creating unique, handmade toys for children (and adults) that are a reflection of their creativity. These toys are designed to educate and spark the imagination of children in a world of otherwise mass-produced, battery-operated selections.

Brooke first created a personalized farmer’s market bag and set of knitted fruits and veggies that inspired the entire line of educational and fun food toys. Beth designed and knitted a stuffed owl pillow that led to a line of adorable toy animals just waiting to be cuddled. With their combined talents, strengths, and creative backgrounds (along with encouragement from friends and family), Beth & Brooke are now sharing their patterns and finished goods so that others can give these one-of-a-kind toys to their cherished tots (or keep!).